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This is a list of random ideas I've had, and written down over the years. If you feel like stealing one, feel free, but do quote me in the disclaimer and link me. Obviously, these are ideas I want to read, so consider them up for adoption, if you really want them.

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Okay, I had this idea. In order to clear my mind, and finally finish the three unfinished monstrosities on my desktop, I'm going to write drabbles this week, one (at least one) for every fandom I've ever been a part of... In the last five years anyway. Here's my list: Death Note, Mentalist, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Naruto, Forgotten Realms, Harry Potter, X-Men, Zombieland, Batman.

And I grabbed prompts from a random word generator. List: murder, paradise, storm, qualification, connotation, racket, juice, ability, acid, bad, capitalist, taker, knife

Anyway, I did three today (nearly four, but the Death Note one isn't quite done yet).

Mentalist-Murder-250 words, Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Juice-1000 words, Naruto-Paradise-200 words )

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