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Fan Rating System:

FRC-Fan rated suitable for children (PG)
FRT- Fan rated suitable for teens (PG-13)
FRM- Fan rated suitable for mature persons (R)
FRAO- Fan rated suitable for adults only (NC-17)

The Mentalist

Liar 1 2 3 4 5 6 ...?
Red John reminds Jane of why he can't have nice things. - Non-con - Hurt / Comfort - FRAO - Red John / Jane - WIP

Lie With Me a While

Lisbon may be on top, but Jane is in control. - BDSM Bloodplay - Angst - FRAO - LIsbon / Jane
He knows things that he can't possibly know. - 100 words - FRT
Regrets are a dime a dozen, but some are worse than others. - 300 words - FRT
An Exchange
Jane operates on a strictly take and give basis. Luckily, the rest of team knows what he's trying to say... probably. - Friendship / Team Fic - FRC
Loving the Shaggoth
One day at the zoo, Jane wandered off... - Tentacles - Fluff / PWP / Romance - Jane / Tentacle Monster (with pictures!)- FRAO
Captain Tricky
Jane likes playing dress up. Lisbon just likes pirates. Fluff / BSDM / Spanking / PWP / Tickling / Role Playing / Humor - Jane / Lisbon - FRAO
Jane is broken and the shards of what remains cut everyone he touches.
- Non-Con, evil Jane - Bosco / Jane -FRAO
Three's a Crowd, Five's an Orgy 1 2 3 4 5 6
“Do you really think that seducing Jane into having a threesome with us so that we can blackmail him into not blackmailing us will make him less lonely?” - Team - Parody / Comedy / Smut / Threesome, Moresome - FRAO
Blue Skies 1 2 3 4 5 ...?
A case gone wrong leaves Cho and Jane in an uncertain situation. - Mystery, Romance, Paranormal - Cho / Jane - FRT - WIP
Counting Bodies
Coda to 3x24. They're going to Hell in the same damn boat. - Dark Fic - Lisbon - FRM. Podfic

Art for a proposed fic that I liked the sound of. FRT
Art - The couch loves Jane very much. Creepy. FRT
Jane with a Cat
Art - Jane has a cat. Yay cat! FRC


Tea for Two
Batman cracks. Joker wins. Neither understands what they want. Death of a Child - Angst / Friendship - FRT
The Fourth Wall in the Room
The Dimension Where We Live
To Suspend Disbelief
The Joker sees more clearly than most. It's not his grip on reality that is tenuous. It's reality's grip on him. Violence, Breaking the Fourth Wall - Angst / Meta / Supernatural - FRT
The Joker & The Thief
The Joker and Catwoman meet in a museum. The Joker has fun. Catwoman, not so much. - Humor - FRC
To the Bone 1 2 3 Epilogue
Arkham Asylum riots. Robin is caught inside. Non-con, tentacles, double penetration, violence, torture, dub-con, sex pollen, cannibalism, multiple partners - Horror / Angst / Hurt/Comfort - FRAO
To the Bone - Fade to Black 1 2 3 Epilogue
Arkham Asylum riots. Robin is caught inside. Non-con, violence, cannibalism, implied multiple partners - Horror / Angst / Hurt/Comfort - FRM
Note: This is the same story as To the Bone. It is, however, non-explicit.
World's Greatest Detective
Companion piece to 'To the Bone'. Batman's POV. off-screen non-con, angst. - FRM
Hug Me
A bit of comment fic crack. Tim wants a hug. From Bruce. - FRC
Super (thanks for asking) 1 2 3
Young Justice. Bart gets sick, Kon gets tentacles, and Robin gets hassled. Humour, crack - het and slash pairings implied. - 10000 words - FRT
Robin has blankets, Nightwing does not. FRC


Myths and stories made into flesh. Sam and Dean never lose the thrill of finding something new. Case fic / Humor - FRC


Friendship by Numbers
Sakura's too young, Kakashi's too...different, and neither knows what to do with a real, live friend. Clueless and incompetent, they stumble down the path of friendship, and accidentally end up naked and engaged along the way. Seriously. - Angst/Fluff/friendship/romance/humour - Sakura/Kakashi - WIP - 40000 + words
1. Something To Look Forward To
2. Worth It
3. Bad Decisions and The People Who Make Them
4. It Seemed Funny At The Time
5. Under the Sun
7. Gossip and Lies
8. Landing Badly
9. Hey Pretty Baby, You're Almost Half My Age

Waffles of Mass Destruction 1 2 3
Storybook! There once was a mighty Kunoichi named Sakura. She was very strong, but she could not cook at all. Crack, literally a storybook, and utterly silly - Sakura and Kakashi star - FRC - WIP
Untitled Drabble- 112 words
It was tight fitting and he wished like hell he was talking about Sakura's dress. Kakashi/Sakura. Cross dressing. FRT.
Something Shiny
Her note had said 'Willow Tree Pond, 12:30.' It was 12:25. - Sakura/Kakashi - Sweet, adorable fluffiness - FRC

Sakura and the Wolf
There is a wolf in her garden. He is not what he seems - Sakura and Kakashi - AU - FRT
Into the Looking Glass and Down the Well
Kakashi copies a Yamanaka mind technique, and accidentally uses it on Sakura. As it turns out, Inner Sakura is a raging pervert. - Sakura/Kakashi - PWP, Pegging, Exhibitionism - FRAO.
Sakura find out something humiliating about Kakashi, and he really wishes she hadn't. Fluff. Sakura/Kakashi. FRM
Water Under the Bridge
Sakura is afraid of the water. She is also devious and manipulative. - Humor - Sakura and Kakashi - FRT
One Night at the Naked Oasis
In the middle of Wind Country, Sakura finds a really nice oasis, just big enough to hide the fact that her very naked former teacher is already swimming in it. - Humor - Sakura and Kakashi - FRM. Podfic
Freedom in the Eyes of Another 1 2 3 4 5
Wood burns. Steel bends. People scream, cook, and die. Speaking in metaphors, Sakura is molten. - Angst/Action - gore, violence, child abuse - Sakura and Team Seven - 19000 words - FRM

It takes a village to get Sakura laid. - Crack - Sakura/Kakashi - Public sex, voyeurism - FRAO
Kakashi dies. He wakes up to a second chance. - Time Travel - Gen - FRT
The Icha Icha Experiments: Project Fan
Kakashi has acquired an item of vital importance. Sakura just wants to get some sleep. Or maybe some Kakashi. Either way, he's not cooperating. - Humor - Sakura/Kakashi - FRM
Dreams are Lives You Have Not Yet Lived 1 2 3 ...
An accident with an newly developed medical jutsu, and Kakashi's life is changed. - Crangst - Kakashi/Sakura/Tsunade - Mpreg - FRM - WIP

Three Returns

Three times Kakashi came home. Angst - FRT
Kakashi came to her door in the middle of a blizzard. Kakashi/Sakura, Underage, FRT.

Call This Wrong
Art for the Friendship by Numbers series. Nipples galore. FRAO.
Chibi Silliness
Art I drew in high school and recently uploaded to my computer and colored. FRC
Kakashi/Sakura Family Portrait Contest Entry
Art - FRC
Icha Icha Booklovers
Art - Kakashi and Sakura - FRT

Fananimation - A little animated fairytale.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is as limited by her instincts as Spike is by his. Nominally Spike/Buffy, Angst - FRT

Forgotten Realms

A Mostly Excellent Adventure
1 2 3 4 Epilogue
Artemis and Jarlaxle wander aimlessly, falling into trouble more often than not. Friendship / Crossover / Humor / Crack - FRT
Blood and Sand
Artemis and Jarlaxle are lost and running out of water in the Calimshan Desert. Blood, Pain, Angst - Friendship - FRM

Death Note

L is a manipulative bastard. L/Light in the most obscure of ways, and non-consensual bubble wrap popping.


The desert is burning. Loki/Something, implied mpreg, angst. FRT


Left 4 Dead/Inception

The Sugar Mill
Eames and Arthur run into trouble in the sugar mill. Arthur/Zombie. Non-con with a zombie. FRAO

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