Nov. 30th, 2009 02:40 pm
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Title: Sacrifice
Summary: Jane is broken and the shards cut everyone.
Ficlet written for the Mentalist Kink Meme
Prompt: [ profile] mesmerized_mia
I want something dirty, and hurting, definitely dub-con. Bosco getting more and more irritated with Jane because him behaving as he does makes Bosco hot and hard as hell, he wants to be the one to put Jane 'back in his place' or something. Which in turn makes him very angry at Jane for turning him on like that.
Hence: Angry!Sex.
Maybe Jane has issues and lets him do it because of whatever, maybe Bosco is in a position to blackmail him, or he promises details for the Red John case blahblah.
Make me happy!
Beta: [ profile] lady_of_scarlet
Rating: FRAO, NC-17, M
Warnings: Non-con of a sort, Bosco/Jane, manipulative devilry.
Disclaimer: If I owned the show, it would be a very different show. That having been said, I do not own the Mentalist, have never had contact with anyone involved in the show, and I make absolutely no profit from any of my works of fanfiction.

Sacrifice )

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