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So a while back I got asked to do an emergency beta job, and much to my surprise and pleasure, it turned out to be an absolutely fabulous story!

I'm sharing with you guys because I love.

Title: turn the lights out now
Author: [personal profile] hwcFandom: MCU/Alias fusion
Pairing/Characters: Jessica Jones, Steve Rogers, Luke Cage, Clay Quartermain, Avengers; Jessica/Steve, Jessica/Luke
Genre/Category: Case, general
Rated: R
Word count: ~ 33,000
Warnings: Mind control, mentions of psychological abuse/torture, mentions of rape (non-graphic)

Summary: If life were a movie Jessica Jones would be the star of an After School Special, the prime example of what not to do with your life. But that's okay, because life isn't a movie and Jessica is just fine. Then she has to turn to SHIELD for a case and as she is sucked back into the life she has left behind and the past she doesn't want to remember things spiral out of her control.

In the movie of life you're always the main character, but this isn't the time for an After School Special. It's the time of superhero blockbusters, and Jessica's life is no exception.

Reason for Reccing: I have NO CLUE who Jessica is, but I love her endlessly. She's sharp, snappy, a great private detective (this has something like three great-paced and interlocking mysteries that are solved very cleverly indeed), and all in all, she is a great character. Why? Because [personal profile] hwc 's writing is fantastic. I think Jessica must be fantastically in character, though, because the Avengers who appear in this are so in character that I literally clapped my hands and squealed with glee the first time Tony turned up and started talking.

Now I suspect that most of you are in my boat in that you've never even heard of the Alias comic.  Ignore that. A basic knowledge of Marvel canon is more than enough for you to read this and understand it. You can read it like Jessica is a really excellent original character and still enjoy it.

The true shining gold star in this is the Plot (capitalized for the awesome). It is one of the finest examples of a tight, fun, and interesting mystery I have ever run across in or out of fandom, while still being dreadfully ominous in the very best way. Jessia, as I mentioned before, is a private detective. She is very good at being a private detective, and the fic revolves around her doing her job and solving a series of mysteries that turn out to be interconnected. All of you are from fandom. You know how rare that is. This is legitimate 24k plot fic, so rare that gold pales in comparison.

In conclusion, this story has my most enthusiastic recommendation!
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