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Thanks for writing for me! I cannot wait to see what you come up with, and I'm really, really excited to get fic for any of these fandoms!

I Like: I'm pretty easy--I like gen, slash, and femslash, and I like any rating of fic. I'm nigh unsquickable, too. Seriously. If you have a kink you want to write, go for it, I'll probably like it. My bullet proof kinks include hurt/comfort, loyalty, size kinks of all shapes and sizes, torture, non-con, adventure fic, and fluffy friendship stories that end with hugs.

I also love Peggy Sue stories, found family, genderbending whether sudden or always-that-way, mysteries, hypothermia fic, stories about food, tentacle monsters sexual and not-sexual, de-aging, exploring unexplored places, ghost stories, hauntings, horror, fairy tales, and absolutely any kind of best friends narrative. And plot is AWESOME. I really like plot.

I don't like: character bashing, or betrayal by friends (even if said friends are evil). And I don't like AUs that are not canon AUs. That's about it.

Just write fic for my tiny, non-existent fandoms, and I will be outrageously happy. I feel like I'm constraining you too much with all these likes and dislikes. Let your typing hands guide you. I'll be here. Waiting.

My Requests:

1) Forgotten Realms Novels - R. A. Salvatore

Characters: Jarlaxle Baenre, Artemis Entreri

So I ship Entreri/Jarlaxle like burning just post-Servant of the Shard. I haven't read must further than that (I was pretty disappointed with the later characterization for them both), and I'd really like something involving the two of them from that time period. It doesn't have to be slash, all I ask is that they are at the very least snarky best friends. Or tentative non-trusting evil friends. Or awkward fuck buddies who like each other.

As for a prompt, I'd be really tickled at Jarlaxle exploring the surface world and enjoying everything. Adventures to defeat things for money, stealing expensive shiny things to attach to his hat, taste testing everything and relying on drow poison immunities...anything, really. If he falls off a cliff in the process, gets injured and loses his healing magical items, necessitating a grumpy Entreri taking care of him, all the better! If Jarlaxle is set off-balance at Entreri's attempts at comfort or easing his pain, that would be extra great. To put that in easy order for the search engine, I'd like a slash or gen friendship story with hurt/comfort, set just after the Servant of the Shard.

(Seriously, go wild. It's been years since I've had fic for these guys).

2) Darken (Webcomic)

So this is an awesome webcomic located here: http://darkencomic.com/

The art is terrible at first, but it improves, and the story is a fantastic D&D adventure with an evil adventuring group. I really, really love this webcomic, for all its flaws.

Gort (Darken), Komiyan Zaibach, Mink (Darken), Casper Lockwood

I'd like ANYTHING for this webcomic, but something about Komiyan's loyalty to Gort would be great. Evil people friendships are the very best kind, and so is evil loyalty kink. Especially if it's hurt/comfort for that thing that happens and leaves Komiyan all injured and desperate to warn Gort. That would be FANTASTIC.

Also Casper and Komiyan being bffs and getting into trouble. Also possibly getting into each other's pants. Also good.

Or something about Mink and Gort's never-happened baby-making tryst, because that HAD to be weird.

3) Guilded Age

Another great D&D webcomic! This one is more themed off of games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, but it's an extremely interesting and well-plotted political drama/sci-fi adventure, character driven...thing. It straddles a lot of categories. Also, it has a female barbarian/paladin type who wears full plate armor. If you've ever been frustrated at bikini chainmail. AND it has consistently great art.

You can find it here: http://guildedage.net/comic/chapter-1-cover/

Characters: Gravedust Deserthammer, Frigg Akerfeldt, Byron Hackenslasher, Big Boss Harky

Another webcomic for which I'd accept anything, but here's a few prompts for you to chew over, if you want.


Byron doesn't really believe that he's free of his berserker rages. Frigg is awesome, and they talk about it while she grinds his face into the mud for being silly.

Big Boss Harky fights for a better life, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy the hell out of the fighting. He worries that someday that enjoyment will tip over into the madness that claimed so many of his kind. Throw in any of the Savage Races characters in his army, and I'll be delighted.

But seriously, anything. This is a lovely big universe screaming for fic.

4) Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede

Cimorene (Enchanted Forest), Kazul (Enchanted Forest)

Cimorene and Kazul go on an adventure. Gen fic, the only princes around are plot furniture, and if they get trapped in a fairytale or have to solve a mystery, that would be awesome. And okay, maybe I'm asking too much, but I really just want the first book. Again. with new story.

Man I love those books.

5) Haven

Characters: Duke Crocker, Jennifer Mason (Haven), Dwight Hendrickson, Audrey Parker

Jennifer/Audrey or Dwight/Duke would be pretty awesome! I'm largely unsquickable, and I like most anything, so literally anything you want to write with them would be amazing.

I could also go for a gen fic about Dwight solving and covering up non-fatal Troubles that are more troublesome than dangerous, pre-season 4. Like, a trouble that causes fireflies to congregate in terrifying numbers around one lamp post, or a child that shape shifts into a dinosaur (luckily it's very small, and he manages to pass it off as a mangy chicken), or a Trouble that gives people headaches. Stuff the police never see. If Duke appears, so much the better.

Please no Audrey/Nathan. Audrey/Duke is cool, but really not a fan of Nathan and Audrey together-together. I like them as friends, though!
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