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I'm super busy with school right now (admittedly, most of it is me avoiding doing work, but still) and I don't have time to read and post the awesome reviews and comments that so many people on my friends list deserve.

This is just a reminder list of all the people whose stuff I need to read and review after I'm done with school:

[personal profile] himizu 
[personal profile] crunchysunrises 
[personal profile] edellin 
[personal profile] celtic_sakura 
[personal profile] aprilvolition 
[personal profile] bookgodess15 (I so totally should have said yes to betaing!)
and the person who wrote me a wishlist story

If your name isn't on this list, and you recently wrote or drew something in one of my fandoms that I haven't reviewed yet, please leave me a comment. I feel like I've been missing stuff.

(Or if you want me to review something older of yours for Christmas or New Years, leave me a link in the comments. :)
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