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Hi! I'm really excited to get fic from you, and I hope you find a prompt you like in the ones I've come up with!

I'm going to list a few dislikes and likes first.

Everything in my Yuletide letter still applies, and you can find it here:

Don't like:
AUs, especially mundane AUs, but also any other kind of AU that does not involve the canon world, occupations, and positions of the canon characters.  Please don't give me AUs.

I don't usually like the whole formal D/s with arranged scenes and stuff, so on the balance, I'd prefer not getting it.

I also don't care for introspective stuff--it flies over my head, and I genuinely don't get it most of the time.

Like: Canon divergence, porny fic, case fic, gen fic, adventures, plotty fic, humour fic, gender-bender (guys as girls only, because this trope is a way to put more girls into the male-focused canons that I like.), and probably any kink you can come up with, but particularly size kink related stuff. Dub-con and non-con are good (better than, really).

Slash and het are great, and I love femslash, but I have much higher standards for it--I like it super smutty, and/or 100% about them having a blast together while being best friends who fuck. Then I love it.

I like hurt/comfort. This gets its own paragraph because I REALLY like it.

Finally, if I've written it, I like it.

I know these are very shippy prompts, and I want to say that I really am happy with gen too. I just don't really have prompts for gen ideas beyond case fic and adventures for all the things.


1) Darken
(this webcomic is free online)

I'd like Komiyan and Casper being bros, or Komiyan/Gort loyalty kink with Gort getting off on Komiyan's loyalty. Or hurt/comfort for that bit where Komiyan gets the scar. :)

2) Forgotten Realms

...yeah, I'm just going to recycle my Yuletide prompt. :D

So I ship Entreri/Jarlaxle like burning just post-Servant of the Shard. I haven't read must further than that (I was pretty disappointed with the later characterization for them both), and I'd really like something involving the two of them from that time period. It doesn't have to be slash, all I ask is that they are at the very least snarky best friends. Or tentative non-trusting evil friends. Or awkward fuck buddies who like each other.

As for a prompt, I'd be really tickled at Jarlaxle exploring the surface world and enjoying everything. Adventures to defeat things for money, stealing expensive shiny things to attach to his hat, taste testing everything and relying on drow poison immunities...anything, really. If he falls off a cliff in the process, gets injured and loses his healing magical items, necessitating a grumpy Entreri taking care of him, all the better! If Jarlaxle is set off-balance at Entreri's attempts at comfort or easing his pain, that would be extra great. To put that in easy order for the search engine, I'd like a slash or gen friendship story with hurt/comfort, set just after the Servant of the Shard.

(Seriously, go wild. It's been years since I've had fic for these guys).

3) Fae Tales - Not_Poignant - This is a fic freely available on AO3
Okay, so Fae Tales!

One request: make it porny. :D (Or gen, but I have no real prompts for that).

I like Albion, Gulvi, and Ash enough that I reaaaaally want fic on them, and I would be utterly delighted to get them abusing Gwyn somehow and him iron woobieing all over the page. I love Gwyn way more than I was expecting to, especially when he's crazy and vicious and ready to just roll over and give up the instant he thinks that he can.

A couple prompts:

Albion catching Gwyn after the dethroning and escape, and Gwyn manages to redirect him from kill to fuck, but it's vicious enough that Gwyn doesn't know that he's going to survive--and Albion doesn't intend to let him.

Gulvi wants to help train the kinks out of Gwyn's arm, except that she's getting off on his pain, and Augus is in a fit of pique somewhere else, and she offers to try some massage. It's mostly an excuse to watch him gasp and pale and squirm under her. And Gwyn likes it, and ***handwave*** he and Augus aren't exclusive or something, and Gulvi is pissed at Ash, and then she rides him while fondling his wounds.

Ash takes exception to his brother's treatment in the Seelie court (more so, anyway), and demands that Gwyn bleed for upper court status. And then he tortures the hell out of Gwyn while imagining Gwyn doing the same things to his dear, dear brother. And Gwyn agrees very solemnly that he deserves it, and lets Ash do whatever he wants because in this light, Gwyn can kind of pretend it's Augus (who will clearly never want Gwyn again, so Gwyn will just have to make do, and if it hurts, well, it's not like Gwyn's not used to pain.)

Or Gulvi taking a pint of blood and a pound of flesh from Ash.

I...don't know what to do with the Raven Prince. I feel like he'd be nice to Gwyn, which wouldn't be a terrible thing, not at all. Or maybe Augus locked him into the dark somewhere and Gwyn, as the new Unseelie king, finds and releases him. And The Raven Prince is not in a forgiving mood, but in no condition to rule, fight, or do anything but help cement Gwyn's political position and awkwardly seduce Gwyn in order to punish Augus.

Augus is great too, but in order of preferences, he's at the bottom of mine. Because I have canon, and it really indulged that itch.

4) In Death - J.D. Robb

This series is my go-to night time reading, the corny romancing aside. The plots are pretty good! Some of them. They have their own shelf on my bookcase, okay?

Anyway! I have always really wanted Eve to take Morris home and make him into her kept man. Weird, yes, but I swear she has better chemistry with Morris than she does with Roarke. And I want her to take care of him ineptly after his girlfriend gets murdered. And yes, a threesome with Roarke, because seriously, I like him too. But weird domestic fic with them all being awkward but content, and Morris kind of balancing them out so they don't fight quite as much...I've thought about this too much.

I would also love Eve/Mavis. Maybe them both being pre-Roarke poor, Eve having mandatory vacation days and Mavis being post-breakup homeless on Eve's couch, and a bottle of rotgut, and them having aggressively awesome sex that they don't talk about. With the futuristic and over-sized vibrator that Mavis totally keeps in her purse.

5) Maiden Rose

Um. Anything?

Okay, the parts of this canon that have really captured my attention are Klaus' addiction, Taki's complete and utter 'not-talking about it', and their mutually abusive relationship,

Hurt comfort for canon would be awesome, but so would angsty dub-con/non-con like in canon. Taki figuring out just how much (...cocaine? the translation was kind of vague) that Klaus is taking, and then making him quit. And watching him while he detoxes, and Klaus doesn't even consider disobeying, doesn't ask for help, just quietly falls apart in the corner of Taki's office, and Taki doesn't even consider that he could help him. And it goes on for days. DAYS! Hahahaha.

...or, yeah. fluffy cuddles, or the war ending. And Klaus leaving because he's out-lived his usefulness to Taki, and Taki being selfish and going after him. Maybe they meet up in a Canadian cabin in a snow storm.

6) A Certain Scientific Railgun

Okay, I really, really love these girls, and I ship them! I do! I just don't want sex or the implication that they might have sex, because they are so young that it feels really, really wrong. Even if canon is pretty...well. I always giggle, ship it, remember how old they are, and get kinda squicked. Future fic would probably be okay.

Mikoto is my favorite because she's angsty, and I'd love fic with her and Kuroko in it, but I'd be happy for fic with everyone except that male character who is entirely superfluous and who's name I can't remember.

I really love the idea of Academy City as well, and I'd be delighted by case fic, fic exploring the world, and the girls fighting crime like the awesome middle school crime fighters they are.


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