May. 2nd, 2011

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Remarkably stupid, one might say.

I have signed up for the [ profile] het_bigbang. 25000 words of a het pairing by August, which is longer than anything I have ever written before. *Awkward shrug*

Anyway! I'm having a plot poll thinger, because I have lots of ideas. Lots. (See below). But, if you kind people have other pairings/ideas you want to see (any fandom I've ever written in is open) then tell me. Especially you, [ profile] the_protagonist. I owe you birthday fic from MONTHS ago, and I am so incredibly stuck with your prompt (does not have to be connected to Het Big Bang. Just give me something to work with. Sequel to To the Bone? Mutant frogs? Killer Croc? Anything!).

Finally, even if I don't choose to use your suggestions, I'd love to write you some comment fic, so spam away, people!

Ideas! )

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