Mar. 16th, 2011

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Dear Readers, Friends List, and Other,

I was talking with [ profile] lady_of_scarlet about fan fiction today, and it turns out that we both prefer it to reading actual books. We were trying to figure out a) why we like fan fiction and b) if the reasons we love fan fiction are translatable to original fiction, and we decided to look for some other opinions, meaning anyone who reads our journals. So...


Would you rather read fan fiction than a book?

What do you find appealing in fan fiction compared to published works? Why do you think they're so different? Actually, do you think they're different?

Do you write original fiction differently than fan fiction?

Our Conclusions )

Finally, if you're curious about this too, feel free to post this or something similar on your journal (and send me the link ;)

Link to [ profile] lady_of_scarlet 's post on the same topic.

Link to [ profile] bookgodess15 's extensive dissertation on the subject.

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